The Divine State

The Divine State, was founded at Mount Sinai, following the famous Exodus from Egypt. The covenant was made between The Creator of our Universe and the people who he led to freedom and justice - using his Prophet Mose - out of the house of tyranny, extortion, slavery and injustice.

The year of foundation was 2448 Anno Mundi.

This is the same state that Jesus and all other prophets of Monotheism have discussed. This covenant has been obfuscated by priests, rabbis, imams, scholars and philosophers, throughout the ages.
In May 5778 AM (May 2018 CE/AD), 3330 years after foundation of the Covenant, Guy Ellis, a current prophet of God, redeclared the Covenant of the Divine State and began explaining it publicly to the entire world in realtime, just as Prophet Jesus son of Mary had prophesied.

In march 5780 AM (3332 years after foundation of the covenant), the Satanic World declared a Covid Pandemic, raising a worldwide Demonic State, to oppose this.

The famous ten commandments are part of the covenant, and the branding of them is part of the obfuscation. Firstly you miss out on the eleventh and twelfth if you only count the ten. The ofuscation brands the commandments as something all people are obliged to follow, but in fact only the people who make themselves subjects of the covenant itself are obliged to follow them. Others can only view them as advise. This obfuscation has now been cleared.

It is of paramount importance, in order to understand this greatest Constitution of all constitutions, to notice and reflect on what is left out of it and hence not deemed important. Many subjects can be listed, but firstly there are no elites or scholars or taxations defined. It is also revealing in this greater context, what the concept of privileged or chosen people means; Those who subject themselves to the clarity and power of this covenant, have chosen themselves to be privileged, as God himself promises to protect and guard those who keep the covenant, or lead them to justice and freedom.

The Divine Covenant

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